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Congratulations, your organization is growing or changing! Now, where will you get all this new talent from? Whether you’re in a high-growth environment with many positions to fill or you have one unique position that is difficult to fill, we can help. P3Hired works with you to find exceptional talent in ANY industry.

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We Recruit to Fit and There is No One Size Fits All

Why Work with a Recruiting Company?

Having open positions puts a strain on your company and your team. It’s harder than ever to fill open positions while you’re stretching yourself to also do the extra work those vacancies leave behind. Save yourself time, stress, and the effort of sorting through huge pools of candidates who may not even be qualified by working with a talent acquisition firm who understands your needs and can help you build a strong hiring process. Finding people is not hard, but finding the right people takes effort and focus. We can partner with you to find an exceptional hire because we recruit to fit your organization. There is no one size fits all.


Talent Acquisition is the research and identification of ideal, on-target candidates for open positions. Recruiting talent to an organization takes early commitment from stakeholders to streamline the entire recruiting life cycle. Our goal is to make the process as easy and efficient as possible. We put a lot of work into the search effort prior to ever asking our clients to review a candidate.

We view ourselves as an extension of each client’s brand. While we are your biggest cheerleaders, we also understand that there are times that discretion and very selective outreach is required, and we can handle those searches with the utmost care as well.

Research, identify, contact, and interview candidates

Coordinate and schedule interviews on behalf of the team.

Share qualified, vetted candidates with resumes and candidate summaries

Facilitate debrief sessions that allow for team calibration to ultimately select their top candidate for the role

Assist in the negotiation and offer process

Advocate for your brand!

Strategic Services

Ready to put yourself in the running for the companies we work with? Submit your resume with us and we’ll reach out when an open position looks like a good fit. We offer strategic advisory services regarding important initiatives:

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Culture and Organizational Development
HR Support Services

Talent Acquisition Consulting

Are you looking for a hiring partner to help you vet candidates or with talent acquisition? If you need assistance with interviewing prospective board members or committee chairs, we’ve got you covered with market research.

Position Development
Competitive Analysis & Compensation Data
Recruiting Project Management

Our Clients

We’ve worked with every industry from nonprofit to tech, real estate, hospitality, consulting, professional services, and construction and engineering.

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Recruiting with Diversity in Mind

P3Hired is committed to fostering diversity, equity and inclusion hiring practices. Confronting unconscious biases is not easy and it takes courage, but the rewards of hiring a diverse workforce are beyond worth it. Diversity in your workplace will give you a variety of perspectives as well as increased creativity, productivity, and improved problem-solving. Simply put, it’s the right thing to do.

The P3Hired Story

P3Hired was started by Beth Yoder, who had worked in corporate talent management and recruiting on a national basis. The name stems from some advice Beth received from a former boss as she rose through the ranks of the corporate ladder. Among other pieces of wisdom, the words “Plan, Perspective, Partnership” stood out as values Beth wanted to incorporate into the company. P3Hired continues to be committed to building partnerships with our clients, maintaining and sharing perspective, and planning ahead to provide the most streamlined and effective recruiting process possible.

Our Team

Image of P3Hired CEO/Founder - Recruitment and talent acquisition solutions

Beth Yoder

CEO and Founder

Beth Yoder has over twenty years of experience in Talent Acquisition and Recruiting and Talent Management and Planning. She has a proven track record of leading successful recruiting efforts for both nonprofit and corporate partners; from Fortune 500 companies, high-growth firms to small/midsize start-ups. Beth got her start in talent acquisition working for ARAMARK Corporation where she held top leadership positions in Human Resources and Talent Management. While at ARAMARK, she led Talent Acquisition Teams for the company’s largest divisions of Healthcare and Higher Education with national scope and responsibility.

In 2012, Beth decided to launch P3Hired so she could extend her expertise to many companies and assist them in identifying and attracting the talent they were seeking. P3Hired is built on three important P’s: Plan, Perspective and Partnership. Her consultative process determines motivators for job seekers while ensuring the company’s culture is a great match. The underlying premise of Beth’s process is to plan with her clients actively, partner with the hiring manager to understand why they are hiring for the position and offer perspective in the recruiting process, to both hiring manager and job seeker. The P3Hired process has yielded fantastic results for a wide variety of companies such as Argosy Capital, ARAMARK, Crothall, WhyHotel, GMMB, MBH Settlement Group, Greater Capital Area Association of Realtors, REQ, The Bernstein Companies, Rosslyn Business Improvement District, WC Ralston Architects, Clarabridge and many more.

Beth is proud to lead recruiting efforts, committed to identifying top talent, celebrating diversity through equitable practices, which are not limited by industry nor function. Her team focuses on various roles in client services, real estate services, communications, PR, marketing, project management, operations, sales/business development, finance and more. P3Hired naturally attracts clients in the Washington DC region, but also conducts national searches in competitive markets all across the country and has even been hired to find needles in haystacks in cities like Buffalo and Sioux Falls and beyond.

She holds a Masters of Business Administration from Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, and a Bachelor’s Degree from the Pennsylvania State University. Beth has been part of numerous amazing local organizations including professional networking groups: Arlington Women Entrepreneurs and Her Corner. Community service organization affiliations include Arlington Food Assistance Center, Juliet Grace Foundation, Bridges to Independence, Arlington Free Clinic, and Jubilee Jobs. She was also a coach for 13 seasons of Girls on the Run. She is an active volunteer with CASA DC, advocating for DC youth in the foster system.
Local involvement and giving back to the community reflect her career’s mission and purpose- helping individuals move forward in a better path than yesterday. Beth is an avid runner, cyclist and enjoys tennis and yoga. She lives in Arlington, VA with her husband Grant, and three daughters Sophie, Natalie and Emme.

Image of P3Hired team member

Necolle Eimas

Director of Talent Acquisition

Drawing from a strong background in organizational development, Necolle has over ten years of experience helping teams improve productivity by maximizing each contributor's talent. Necolle started her career with the U.S. Department of Commerce where she used quantitative and qualitative organizational data to help improve individual, team and organizational performance. She analyzed systems, policies, practices and behaviors to identify and eliminate barriers to inclusion.

For the past five years, Necolle has applied her work in organizational development to talent acquisition conversations for non-profit and corporate clients from diverse industries including technology, professional services, government contracting, and real estate. A believer in strong upfront understanding of a client’s organizational values, she uses discovery documents to craft role-specific recruiting strategies that detail the specifics of a position and take into account a hiring manager’s background, style, and needs. She enjoys uncovering the deal-breaker skills, personal qualities, and work style that a candidate needs to flourish in an organization.

In 2019, Necolle joined P3Hired as the Director of Talent Acquisition where she leads talent acquisition efforts on numerous client projects. She has successfully filled roles in professional services, real estate services, communications, PR, marketing, sales, finance and more. P3Hired naturally attracts clients in Washington DC region, but Necolle has placed candidates around the country.

Necolle holds a Bachelor of Science in Public Policy and Human Resources from Indiana University. She’s completed graduate coursework in organizational development, is a certified Myers=Briggs Type Indicator practitioner, and a trained facilitator. Necolle is active in her community and serves on the Vestry of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Arlington, Virginia. A creative soul, she enjoys baking and burns off the calories with a good run or bike ride. Necolle lives in Arlington with her husband Chris and their two children, Alaina and Colton and beloved dog Phoebe.

Image of P3Hired team member

Kelley Luong

Manager of Talent Acquisition

Kelley started her career in account management and digital marketing with a Washington, DC based e-commerce start-up where she utilized her relationship building skills to successfully manage high profile accounts while generating millions of dollars in revenue. She focused on marketing, strategic pricing, web-based product placement and creative content while building and maintaining long term partnerships.

For over the past six years, Kelley’s career path has pivoted to the recruiting and talent acquisition world where her relationship building skills contribute to her success in connecting with candidates. Kelley enjoys working with clients to discover what qualities they are looking for in candidates and then finding that perfect match by using applicant databases and professional networking sites.

Kelley joined P3Hired as a Talent Acquisition Manager where she sources and connects with candidates to determine who will be the ideal fit for their clients. She supports the team on client projects and has been a part of filling roles in diverse industries including non-profit, sales, residential construction, professional services, finance, communications and more.

Kelley holds a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Human Resources from Michigan State University. She enjoys taking hikes with her family and loves to travel whenever she gets the chance. Kelley lives in Fairfax with her husband and their 3 daughters.

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Steve Klemm

Executive Recruiting Consultant
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Katie Ferguson

Recruiting Consultant